Coast Brewing lets new brew Harold out to play

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Charleston's own COAST Brewing has released yet another new beer, their third in as many months. Harold, an American Stout, is now available on the growler station at Charleston Beer Exchange.

Check out the press release from the COAST blog, there's a neat story to go along with this one:

My favorite movie of all time and now beer!  Harold, an American Stout, debuts this week. He’s got a dark side but really he’s quite sweet. Creamy, roasty and so easy to drink.  Maude will be next and there’s a little debate as to exactly what kind of beer she is. Either Black IPA or Imperial Red, time will tell.  Then there will be a combined finale of Harold and Maude. Too early to tell on that one.

Enjoy our first ever series dedicated to a classic movie with the best soundtrack. In fact I recommend drinking these while listening to Cat Stevens- brings it all together.

This guy contains organic toasted oats, 11 other grains & malts, and two types of hops.  He's a nice, easy 6% ABV.  No reviews yet, but I'm sure those will follow.

COAST is located at 1250 2nd St N in the old Navy yard in North Charleston, and CBX is located at 14 Exchange Street downtown.

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