Cravinley's Serves Buffet in Bargain-priced Box

Flickr User: Caro's Lines
Do not look at this photo when you are hungry....we are not responsible for electroshock if you choose to lick screen....

Myrtle Beach's own Foodie-in-Chief, Becky Billingsley has a great story about a new Garden City restaurant with a pretty unique concept. 

Cravinley's Buffet in a Box in Garden City sells different varieties of miniature-size sandwiches and cupcakes so hungry people can eat light but have variety.

Bradley Livingston and his wife, Maria Izquierda, have opened the doors on Cravinley's Buffet in a Box, which is in the Oasis Shopping Center in Garden City. They created a gorgeous space where diners can settle in at the counter or at a table to enjoy sandwiches and cupcakes, or they can get the goodies boxed up in attractive packaging that's perfect for picnics, meetings or any carry-out dining need.

Head on over to Myrtle Beach Restaurant News to read more about this really neat little restaurant and check out some mouth watering photos!

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