Local photographer helps capture southern BBQ culture


BBQ runs deep in our veins here in the south. It's a culture that's currently experiencing a redux, but is also slowing dying. BBQ is becoming more mainstream than ever. With the popularization and commercialization of BBQ, traditions are being lost, replaced, and cannibalized.

But thanks to the efforts of the Southern Foodway Alliance and the "BBQ Bus," some of these traditions and oral history are being preserved in film, audio, and photographs.

While the BBQ Bus tour is primarily focused on the North Carolina BBQ Trail, it has made a few stops in South Carolina. One of those stops, just to the South of Myrtle Beach, was at Scott's BBQ in Hemingway, South Carolina. Local photographer Randall Hill caught up with the bus to help capture the real life story of how BBQ is made in the South.

Jump over to Randall's website to go on a photography journey of a BBQ process that has been passed down from generation to generation.  

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