Love Piggly Wiggly? Now you can drink their beer

Flickr user Duane Burdick

Last week, a new type of beer started showing up in area Piggly Wiggly grocery stores: Pig Swig...and yes, the beer is the product of Piggly Wiggly Carolina Co.

There are two varieties of Pig Swig: the Pig Pen Pilsner, which sports a blue plaid label and has a lighter flavor, and the Pig Tail Ale, which is decorated with a red plaid label and is more of an amber lager. A six-pack costs $7.99.

Word is that Pig Swig will also consider releasing seasonal brews and different styles of beer in the future.The beer can currently be found at The Piggly Wiggly located in Market Commons

Have you have the chance to take a chug of Pig Swig? If so, let us know your thoughts below.

And for more information about the beer, check out Charleston City Paper's report here.

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