Myrtle Beach Oyster Roasts heat up all winter long

Flickr user Charleston's TheDigitel

September through April is our time at the beach. Locals get those few months of quite to enjoy our beaches, local offerings and hope for some warm weather during those months. 

But September through April also happens to be Oyster season, and what better way to enjoy those gobs of yumminess than with friends? There are quite a few Grand Strand restaurants that offer roasted oysters through these months and has a great write-up by Becky Billingsley about some of the best places to order dozens of local, fresh oysters.

From Big E's Seafood & Barbeque out in Longs to Bimini's Oyster Bar & Seafood Cafe in Myrtle Beach and all the way down to Blue Crab Raw Bar in Pawleys Island, MBsun has every joint in between so hop on over to for the full write-up

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