Opal gives "fresh" a new, delicious meaning

Image by Flickr user Padre Denny

Chef and restauranteur Patrick Owens' new restaurant Opal (1960 Riviera Drive) is up and running--and getting great reviews.

A food writer from Charleston City Paper checked out the new joint and had lots to say about the atmosphere, decor, and food. Some of the highlights include:

  • An aesthetically-pleasing interior that's rustic and cozy
  • A menu that combines local ingredients with zesty Mediterranean flavors and changes ever so slightly each day
  • Dishes that scream of freshness
  • An inviting bar great for having a drink or two--or an app or two
  • A wide beer selection that craft beer lovers will be infatuated with
  • Fresh pasta--not much is better than freshly made pasta

Get the full scoop on what Charleston City Paper thinks of Opal over here. And if you've eaten at the restaurant, share your thoughts below!

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