REMARK provides landscape architecture for new Triangle Restaurant

Image by outdoor dining

A new restaurant has opened in Mt. Pleasant with landscape architecture by REMARK.  The new Triangle Char and Bar opened its East Cooper location last week and is already a success among evening hot spots.  It is located in the shopping center at 1440 Ben Sawyer Blvd, on your way out to the beach.  The addition of an awning on two sides of the building, set the stage for a wonderful new outdoor dining space.  The existing small concrete walkway that hugged the street side of the building was replaced with a generous permeable concrete patio.  The existing Oak trees lend an established air to the space, while providing much needed shade in the evenings, and are augmented by new generous plantings of native shrubs and groundcovers.

Although this project came with its own challenges, the result is a wonderful new place for the people in Mt. Pleasant to gather and enjoy great food within a sustainable landscape.

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