You're in college and in Charleston: Make the most of the combo

Image by Flickr user DonnaphotoImage by 20080820college.jpg It can be rough getting by in college, but you can have fun on the cheap without going to such extremes.

College kids have it rough, not only do they have to learn a new town, but they need to make the most of it on the cheap. And there are plenty of tips around to save you a bundle. We offer some tips.

The Charleston City Paper has a new guide out on how to get cheap food, clothes, happy hour, cheap date ideas, get cheap farm goods and get around town. The Post and Courier has their own smaller set of tips on where to eat, hangout, and get coffee.

And, we've got a few tips to offer of our own:

Movies: We've got seven movie theaters, some are plush, some are cheap, some have real food, some show independent films.
Neighborhood parking: Don't park in residential parking for too long without the permit. You'll get nasty $45 tickets. And they're very swift with issuing them, really. And it's a pain to appeal them, and you probably won't get it reduced much. So if you live in the neighborhood get the pass at 180 Lockwood Drive Extension, and if you don't live there, watch the time.
Bike parking: The city can be a stickler at times about locking up your bike, here's your guide on where to lock it up. And do lock it up well, or it'll be gone in a blink.
Cheap rent: Our guide on where to find places. Shop around, and get a better price.
For really cheap stuff: Keep an eye on Craigslist's free section and drive past the college throw-out piles on moving day.

We miss anything? Let us know.