Finding, buying and cooking the best in local Charleston foods

Image by TheDigitel

From greens, to meats, to fruits, to beer: there's more than a lot of great local food items to consume or cook in Charleston.

And it can be a beast to wrap your hands around all the best places.

Well, the┬áCharleston City Paper´╗┐ wants to help you out with their new section, "Dirt: The Lowcountry's local food guide." In it you'll find listings of some of Charleston's best providers and articles on making the most of the Lowcountry's bounty and local trendsetters; take a read here.

It's particularly worth a read if you're new to the food scene in Charleston, and I'd suggest hitting the news rack and snagging a free copy to browse this beast in print.

As always, keep up with what's new in food in Charleston in our "food" section.