Get some veg in your system

Image by Flickr user visualpanicImage by 20080930vegeterian.jpg Meat isn't necessary for a tasty meal.

Looking for some vegetarian or vegan food in Charleston? Here are some great places to start:

Alluette’s Café has a vegan and vegetarian friendly menu, that is medium priced, where entrees usually fall between $10-$15.
The Daily Dose offers a variety of vegetarian and vegan options, but also supplies meals for omnivores. Check out their menu swirled with organic ingredients. Their menu is also easy on the wallet.

The City paper reports:
A loyal, local clientele provides plenty of color and the fresh sandwiches and wraps, mostly local, all organic, and very, very tasty are packed with ripe tomatoes, sprouts, avocado, and other goodies.

Doe’s Pita Plus is a downtown secret, in which the lovely staff offers a variety of prepared vegetarian and vegan, middle-eastern inspired items. Try their stuffed grapeleaves; they’re beyond!
When you’re hungover and need your comfort breakfast, but your recent decision to cut animal products out of your diet has made it hard to find brunch, don’t fret and head over to Rutledge Coffee and Cream. Their ‘soysage’ and tofu scramble quenches the breakfast fix while the menu provides options for everyone.
Whole Foods and Earth Fare also have good buffet vegan and vegetarian options.

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