Local blog spotlight, we want to hear from you (Still listening)

Flickr user drp
Favorites (As Picked by You!)

Update 7/30/12: We're still looking for the best of the best in all of Myrtle Beach!

We published this story a year ago today, and in that time we've come across quite a few great Myrtle Beach blogs but we want more. Our goal is to promote the best of Myrtle Beach -what's cool, important and everything Andre wrote about last July. 

So drop us a line, or add a comment below. 

First Report 7/30/11: TheDigitel Myrtle Beach is about promoting what is important, cool, rich and new to the Grand Strand area. We have a diverse population that does their own thing, so why not tell other people about it!

We are looking for your favorite local blogs, websites, Flickr members, videographers, paperback writers, cartoonist, community activists and social media friends.

Drop us a line in the comments with a link to your favorites.