The Healing Boutique: Ending the search for cancer care items

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Cancer treatment and recovery can bring exhaustion and stress along with a deflated sense of self confidence due to the changes influencing how a patient looks and feels. Scouring the region and the Internet for products needed before and after treatments and surgeries can be frustrating for patients and caregivers alike.

Now, one of the most comprehensive selections of products and services supporting people with cancer can be found in one place. Reducing stress and boosting self-assurance for those who are recovering from cancer are the goals of The Healing Boutique, which recently opened on the first floor of the Roper St. Francis Cancer Center. The boutique offers quality products and excellent customer service in a soothing environment.

“It is so pretty in here and I am surprised to find so many things I need,” said Laynette, a customer in The Healing Boutique, who is being treated for breast cancer. “I have a positive attitude and this place makes me feel positive too. I am still a woman and I want to feel like a woman.”

“I can’t tell you what a relief it will be to the many patients we work with each year to be able to get personalized service from caring professionals along with all of the products they need in one beautiful location. The atmosphere alone at The Healing Boutique is uplifting,” said Teresa Pischner, RSFH Breast Navigator. Pischner assists breast cancer patients with all elements of care from testing to surgery to recovery. “One of the unique services includes fittings for breast products that are provided privately by certified professionals. For patients, and caregivers, there is simply no other place in the region like The Healing Boutique.”

The Healing Boutique’s wide selection of products, some of which are reimbursable by insurance providers, helps eliminate exhaustive searches for difficult-to-find items that are essential to the comfort and confidence of someone in cancer treatment. That is why physicians are also encouraging patients to consider scheduling a visit to The Healing Boutique in the RSF Cancer Center.

“Cancer treatment is demanding enough on a person’s time, energy and emotions,” said Elizabeth S. Christian, M.D., Charleston Hematology Oncology Associates, also located in the RSF Cancer Center. “The Healing Boutique offers a refreshing, time-conserving and positive approach to addressing the needs of people already facing one of the greatest challenges of their lives.”

 Some of the services and products at The Healing Boutique include:

  • Active Mobility, LLC, a boutique partner, provides mastectomy products.  As a licensed Durable Medical Equipment (DME) provider, Active Mobility can file claims on behalf of patients
  • Gifts and inspirational items
  • Large selection of hats, turbans and wigs
  • Library with resource guides specific to cancer care
  • Licensed cosmetologist providing wig fittings and hair replacement services
  • Radiation relief products
  • Spa and comfort items
  • DME products offered: breast forms, mastectomy bras, camisoles, compression garments (lymphedema sleeves)
  • Certified bra fitter to assist with making selection
  • Swim suits for mastectomy patients (by Amoena)

The Healing Boutique is in the Roper St. Francis Cancer Center at 2095 Henry Tecklenburg Drive in West Ashley, just minutes from downtown Charleston, on the campus of Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital.

 To view a list of products and services available at The Healing Boutique, please click here

To make an appointment for a fitting at The Healing Boutique, call (843) 958-2613 or to learn more please visit

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