How To Save Money This Hot South Carolina Summer

Saving money and the summer do not seem like they would mesh well as children being out of school gives them the ability to spend money. While some teenagers have summer jobs, those who are too young have to be sent to camps or left alone with an older sibling. The summer takes a toll on utility bills as well as the air conditioning and water bills both skyrocket in an attempt to stay throughout the summer months.

Plan Vacations A Long Time In Advance

The summer trip is a staple of a lot of American families across the country. The ability to travel takes financial freedom but the fact that the kids are out of school makes this the perfect time to take a vacation. Planning these trips months or even a year in advance can allow you to get the best deal possible. There are plenty of different sites that offer entire travel packages throughout the year. Some of these sites have great sales randomly throughout the year so it is important to keep an eye out for these things. The best course of action is to set up alerts on your favorite travel sites or coupon sites like Groupon for your dream location. Many of these sites have payment plans so you can pay off your vacation before you depart but don’t have to pay the money up front.  

Get Your Air Conditioning Checked Out

Hundreds to thousands of dollars a year can be wasted if an air conditioning unit isn’t running at optimum level. The value of air conditioning repair will be seen on your first electric bill. Usually the cost of the repair or checkup is covered within the couple of months as you are saving on the electric bill. Another thing that can impact the electric bill is that of poorly insulated windows. If the AC isn’t where you are losing money it is important to look at other sources. Window installation can be expensive but it is an investment that will pay off each time you get an electric bill.

Try Some Free Attractions

There are plenty of places where you can drive that have free attractions. The local parks and beaches might have a small entrance fee but this doesn’t even compare to a night out at the movies which can be outrageous. The summer is a time that there are many food festivals and music festivals that sometimes have a free entrance fee. Not everything has to cost a lot of money like a theme park as more and more cities are trying to allow the public to enjoy themselves on the city’s dime.

As you can see these are just a few of the many ways that you can boost that number in your bank account this summer. It will take you being mindful of your budget on a daily basis but it will be worth it once you have seen how much money you saved compared to last year.


So the summers are hot and

So the summers are hot and the winters are cold. Nothing new here. However there are news about how to improve and prepare your home for extreme weather conditions. One that is particularly fascinating because it works just about right in both hot and cold scenarios is home insulation. That's something that should get all of our attention since there are so many homes out there that could need it. The nicer thing about it is that it doesn't cost a thing, if you do the math you will realize that the ceramic fiber blanket cost you used for insulating your home compensates with the electricity bill, it's as simple as that.