Myrtle Beach's "All That" makes it to next round on America's Got Talent (Update: Top 48)

Update June 27, 2012: The all male clogging group that calls Myrtle Beach home, "All That" has made it to AGT's Top 48.

But before they moved on to the next round the group was in a dance-off with other dancing groups, each with their own unique style, to see which ones got to go through. The judges were stone faced during the clip of All That's performance, and the group wasn't featured too much during the dance-off. 

After the drama with another dance team, "787 Crew" and the showcasing of the novelty acts, classical singers and moving into night two of week seven, the verdict was (finally) in, and the boys beat out quite a few fellow dance troupes.

Watch where All That appeared in night one of week seven above, and jump over to Hulu to catch the "you're going to New York" moment at around the 38:35min mark.

First Report May 29, 2012: "All That" can normally be found entertaining on stage at the Carolina Opry in Myrtle Beach, but this weekend they were entertaining the nation on prime time television.

You can see their performance and the judges' responses in the video above. This isn't the group's first major television appearance. The seven-man team has made appearances on 30 Seconds to Fame on Fox and Dance Fever on ABC Family. This is their second attempt to make it on America's Got Talent after they appeared on the show in 2006. This latest reboot of the show has garnered lots of positive reviews and media attention with the latest addition of radio personality Howard Stern as a new judge this season.