CSO music director Stahl loses battle against lymphoma (update: more complicated for CSO now)

Image by David Stahl

Update October 26:

The Post and Courier writes about the ill timing of Stahl's death as his loss further complicates and already complicated set of issues for the financially ailing Charleston Symphony Orchestra. The paper has a good rundown on the variables now in play; take a read here.

They also have details on a memorial service Stahl and his wife on November 13 at the Dock Street Theatre.

First reporting October 25:

After a two months battling an aggressive form of lymphoma, David Stahl, music director of the Charleston Symphony Orchestra has passed away.

In Stahl's 25 years as music director, he help to transform the Charleston Symphony Orchestra into reputable, professional orchestra. He is survived by his children, Anna, 16, a student at West Ashley High School, Byron, 20, a junior at the College of Charleston and Sonya, 29, a daughter from a previous marriage. 

The Post and Courier has a wonderful piece that takes a look back at Stahl's impressive career both in the Lowcountry and abroad. A lovely photo gallery and three videos accompany the post.

ABC News 4 has a bit of video and chats with Concertmaster Yuriy Bekker by phone.

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