A bit about South Carolina's only master bladesmith

Image by Jason KnightImage by 20080807knife.jpg A bowie knife by Jason Knight.

Up the road in Harleyville is South Carolina's only master bladesmith, Jason Knight. He creates handcrafted blades that have won awards from the American Bladesmith Society and can sell from hundred to thousands of dollars.

The Post and Courier has an excellent write-up on the man and his process, along with photos and video, including a crisp shot of a Damascus steel blade.

Here's a quick excerpt of the article:
Folks in Harleyville may not know what Knight produces for a living, but knife enthusiasts around the world surely do.

"He's one of the most popular, fastest-growing, fastest-improving bladesmiths in the industry," said Steve Shackleford, editor of Blade magazine in Iola, Wis.

And, if you like the story, go down into the comments for an added bonus where you'll find remarks from Knight's mother (or at least someone who is claiming to be).