Myrtle Beach local writes Lehman Brothers memoir (update: Weekly Surge write-up)

Update 11/3: Dillian, author of Street Freak, is a Myrtle Beach local. But why did he settle down here? What does he think about our country's current financial situation?

The Weekly Surge took spent some time with Dillian to find out. The result is a nice cover story that gets his insight including his opinions on the recent #Occupy Wall Street  protests. Read it all here.


Update 9/28: Just a bump to the top to remind folks the signing is tonight at 7 p.m. at the Barnes & Noble in Market Common. 

First Report: Jared Dillian realized a life-long dream when he landed a job with Lehman Brothers in 2001. 

Dillian rose from green associate, checking IDs at the entrance to the trading floor in the paranoid days following 9/11, to become an integral part of Lehman’s culture in its final years as the firm’s head Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) trader. Over time, the exhilarating and explosively stressful job took its toll on him. Dillian put his life back together, returning to work healthier than ever before, but Lehman itself had seemingly gone mad, having made outrageous bets on commercial real estate, and was quickly headed for self-destruction. Dillian's book, Street Freak: Money and Madness at Lehman Brothers, chronicles his journey through the "belly of the beast" of Lehman Brothers. The book will be released on September 13th. 

These days Dillian lives in Myrtle Beach and runs The Daily Dirtnap, a newsletter for professional investors. He is also active with the gsSCENE young professionals group. On September 28th, Dillian will be signing books and meeting with the public at Barnes & Noble at the The Market Common.