Sweet Tea Vodka reaches 1st place in S.C.

Image by Firefly VodkaImage by 20080624firefly.jpg

A press release reports that the "locally-produced Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka became the number one selling flavored vodka in South Carolina, surpassing the ever-popular Van Gogh Espresso Vodka and all other flavored vodkas." The vodka has been around for only a matter of weeks.

The liquor is an infusion of American Tea into the company's muscadine flavored vodka. The Seattle Times suggests trying "it over tonic with lemon or a sprig of mint for a down-home taste of the South."

The vodka runs about $18 for 750ml, and the company is rumored to be trying its hand at a Southern-brandy Vodka.

A bit about the liquor from the company's Web site:
Firefly Vodka is located on Wadmalaw Island, thirty miles South of Charleston, South Carolina. This Charleston based distillery grew from a locally known product to a nationally recognized brand. The company currently produces a Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka, Firefly Muscadine Vodka and soon to hit the shelves: Firefly Hand Crafted Vodka, Firefly Peach Vodka and Firefly Coffee Vodka. Products are currently available in South Carolina, Colorado, New York, and Nevada. Firefly Distillery is the largest producing distillery in South Carolina.