Business Seems to be Booming in Myrtle

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More business licenses being given, new places opening at Broadway at the Beach and all over Myrtle Beach. Is this a sign of good things and a prosperous season? 

Over a little more than a month, [city spokesman, Mark] Kruea says, 105 new business licenses have come into the city. Of those, 76 are news businesses located within the Myrtle Beach city limits.

Of those 76 new businesses located within Myrtle Beach City limits 22 are located at Broadway at the Beach.

“The new stores and attractions add more excitement to what is already a dynamic dining, shopping and entertainment experience,” said Patrick Walsh, senior vice president of asset management with the Burroughs & Chapin Company, Inc., parent company of Broadway at the Beach. “We anticipate these new and unique offerings to attract and appeal to a diverse group of visitors to Broadway at the Beach."

What are some of those new businesses opening at Broadway at the Beach? Head on over to SCNOW to find out. Also, head on over to Carolina Live to read the rest of their coverage and check out their video! 

You can also find a small list of new attractions and dining over at complete with photos of all the new businesses and their future locations. 

We sure do hope this is all good signs for not only our local economy, but for the nation aswell. 

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