#MYR Start-ups: Checkeeper.com makes writing checks easy (Exclusive link)

Checkeeper.com is a web application with an innovative user interface that allows you to print your own checks directly from the cloud. We've got the link that will get you access to this today.

Printing checks, as opposed to hand-writing them, gives you the ability to easily track what checks you have issued while at the same time giving a more professional impression to your payees. While online bill pay isn't new, Checkeeper has a really cool user interface for printing on your own printer with whatever check stock you choose. All of this is available totally free of charge. Checkeeper just recently opened up for limited public use and we just so happen to have the link that allows you to create the account. Go sign up and "check" it out.

Don't want to hassle with the printing and mailing your checks? Checkeeper will do that for you too with just one click. The software also integrates with third party services like Freshbooks, to give you a total cloud-based bookkeeping solution on the cheap. Support for Harvest and Xero is on the way.

Checkeeper is the product of local web-developer and entrepreneur Justin Rockwell. Day-to-day, Justin owns and operates OIR Interactive. What really established Justin locally was his early embrace of SMS mobile marketing. The local SMS market has gotten crowded with resellers of third party services, but Justin made the investment to develop his own system that gave him total freedom to develop custom solutions for clients and entirely new products. We've actually published a story about that before.

The Myrtle Beach-area tech and start-up scene is building quickly. We'll continue to highlight these start-ups as we discover the amazing efforts in our hometown. If you'd like to support this type of activity, share these stories with your friends and help these future job creators and innovators out! 

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