North Myrtle Beach sees a future in wind


Creating jobs is priority number one these days and number two might just be 'going green.' Well, the City of North Myrtle Beach is betting on the ocean breeze to do both.

In recent years the City of North Myrtle Beach along with Santee Cooper and small business partners have been exploring green energy through the power of wind (a topic which we've covered many times). Up until now, the city has just been experimenting, on shore, with wind turbine technology but the latest news and effort has the city building an off shore wind farm that would be visible along the horizon line. 

On windy days, reports WMBF News, the farm will produce enough electricity to power North Myrtle Beach and have reserve lefts to sell. However, the project will take several years of planning and cost quite a lot of money; the first step of the project is to install a cable which would run from the land out to where the turbine(s) would be in the ocean, which would cost $50-60 million dollars. 

Besides green energy, this project is also slated to bring jobs to locals and entice big name companies to the area. Hop on over to WMBF News for all the details, including their broadcast, a sneak peek of the design of the turbine and a breakdown of the costs associated with the wind farm. 

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