Mold riddance company dissipates

Edward Pero, disputed operator of Atlantic Air, is at the center of a rash of anger about the sudden closure of the mold cleaning business.

Atlantic Air promised to help keep homes free of mold-related problems, and pay its subcontractors. So far the company has failed on at least one.

The Post and Courier reports on how the business closed up shop and left empty offices over night. But Pero says it's not his fault at that it's the company's owner people should be talking to, and that he's little more than the marketing man.

The Post and Courier's reader's say:
metallic: I was warning that the people in that business were the lowest of the low.

Early says: I bit the add in the P&C and called these folks out for the $99 duct cleaning. By the time they left, they had a proposal for $10,000 to clean up my house. This was for some brown mold,,,,which is common in crawlspaces throughout the high humidity south. Not only was this ridiculous but the punk trying to sell it thought I just fell off the truck. Saying this mold would effect my families health and would destroy my home. He said he would call his boss, I assume it was this guy and he said, today's special we'll drop it to $7,500. I called Terminix and they came out and put in a new vapor barrier down for $200,,,done.
I told my wife after they left, how many old people and naive people have these guy's scammed??????

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