CCU pulled more revenue from parking fines than permits in 2011

Photo by TheDigitel

Parking fines at Coastal Carolina University accounted for $300,000 of gross revenue in 2011. That's enough to cover the tuition of seven students for four years. 

Of course, this is isn't pure profit. There's a lot of expense we're not seeing in this particular report. Well over half of a million dollars is attributed to parking permits and tickets. Regardless, it's an interesting bit of trivia that came from The Sun News Opinion Blog where they also mention that the University is actively building more available parking space. You can read more here. 

When we interviewed Sarah Stusek about their viral video that pokes fun at Chanticleer living, she mentioned that she's failed a class due to an inability to park. That story is here.

The full 2011 Fine and Fees report is below. 

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