Nightclub opening at Waccamaw Pottery (Update: Even more details)

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Update May 29, 2012: The Weekly Surge has a few more tidbits about Block Party including some information on the Medieval Times refresh that's also taking place next month.


Update May 22, 2012: Guess what? It's another country-music themed night club.

The Sun News has some details here about the 6,000 square foot venue that will be across from the Boathouse. It could be very similar to the Rodeo Bar and Grill that opened over at Broadway at the Beach earlier this year. 

First Report: According to a brief report from WMBF News, a new nightclub called "Block Party" will be opening soon at the Waccamaw Pottery near the Boathouse. 

Details are thin and my normally impressive Google-Fu is letting me down. But the WMBF report says the venue is getting DHEC inspections so they must be pretty far along. We'll update this story if more details roll in.

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