Charleston's Hippodrome theater to close? (update: sorta, it's been sold)

Image by TheDigitel Inside the theater.

Update January 6, sold: Well, the long saga as to if the theater was closing is at an end but with a surprise ending!

The theater is instead being sold to a pair of new owners and will have a shift in focus, the Terrace Hippodrome will become the Hippodrome Widescreen Cinema and Performing Arts Center.

The Post and Courier has a report with all the info you need; read it here.

And it looks like the new transition is set to happen quickly, already booked is a standup event with Jimmie "JJ" Walker from the classic TV show "Good Times"  Thursday, January the 13th. 

Update November 18:

After hinting at the impending closure of the downtown theater for months now, the end looks near.

The Charleston City Paper spotted this tweet via @theHIPPODOME dating back to November 11th: "ITS-- OFFICIAL----- LAST 2 MOVIES ----HARRY POTTER & TRON-----THE END IS NEAR."

And there you have it. 

Update April 20: We'd like to ask, why you don't go to the Hippodrome? Or what do you think would make you go more often? The theater hasn't asked us to ask, so there's no guarantee they'll take any advice you offer. Still we'd like to know.

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First reporting: After mysterious (and now deleted) tweets from this weekend, we've just received confirmation: The Hippodrome may close on September 1 unless it can turn it's revenue around. 

The theater that opened in May of 2009 said in a statement that it was losing between $5,000 and $10,000 a month and that the owners would "give it a go till September first."

On a personal note, I'd be very sad to see the theater go as not only did they open in a time when downtown Charleston had no theater (and if they go who knows how long it will be until we can again walk to the movies) they have also been a supporter of this site, frequently advertising.

The movie theater is the only one in downtown and is located at 360 Concord Street near the S.C. Aquarium. You can see movie times on their Web site. (843) 724-9134. 

Here's more details from the e-mailed release:

After opening last summer to gangbuster business the Hippodrome has been on a steady decline since last September. We are currently loosing between $5,000 to $10,000 per month. Under normal conditions I would close a failing business and move on to a new project, but this is different. The Hippodrome is downtown's only movie theater and one of the best movie theaters in the nation. Everyone that leaves the theater raves how unbelievable the experience is and how much they treasure the theater. Unfortunately there are just not enough locals supporting the theater. The largest screen in Charleston,leather BMW seating,unbelievable sound and now free parking is just not enough.

We have decided to give it a go till September first, if we can hang on that long, to see if the community rallies around the theater.We will be opening "IRON MAN 2 " MAY 6 TH @ Midnight and hope that you all come back.We are currently playing "KICK ASS' .If you wish to buy advanced tickets to" IRON MAN 2" go to and click on coming soon Hippodrome.

If we did not love this theater we would have closed it months ago ! The box office number is 724-9134.