CARTA rolling out 11 new environmentally friendly buses

Image by Submitted The new buses look a lot like the old ones, only more green on the inside.

The Charleston Area Regional Transportation Authority (CARTA) has added 11 new environmentally friendly busses to their fleet.

The new buses reduce carbon emissions by about 90% compared older models, which rolled off the line back in 1996.

According to the Charleston Regional Business Journal's article, the new busses have larger windows, lower floors for easier access, more handrails and stanchions for standing passengers, and handicap ramps instead of time-consuming lifts.

CARTA is working quickly to put the finishing touches on the new buses and say they'll be hitting the streets in just a few short weeks. The first of the new buses is already serving on Route 102. 

Charleston Regional Business Journal has the story.

Using federal stimulus dollar for the addition was a matter of much controversy in early 2009.

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