Amazon customers in S.C. should expect an extra tax reminder

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Live in South Carolina and purchase something from Amazon in the last year? Then expect a tax "reminder" in the mail.

The same deal that allowed Amazon to open a South Carolina distribution point but dodge collecting our state's sales tax also had a catch to help the Palmetto State to try and collect some of the estimated $110 million it misses out on each year.

If you didn't know, although buying many goods online allows you to skip paying tax at purchase, you're required to still pay a "use tax" on your annual taxes. 

The tax-break law that was written to suit the situation of Amazon also had a catch, section "12-36-2691(E)(3)" that requires the online retailer to send by mail or e-mail a note "by February first of each year provide to each purchaser to whom tangible goods were delivered in this State a statement of the total sales made to the purchaser during the preceding calendar year."

And indeed those letters are going out, writes The Post and Courier.

However the paper also writes that Amazon isn't telling your secret amount that you owe to the state, so it is up to you to pay up the right amount. 

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