Charleston area to get $25 million in water projects

Image by US Army Corps of EngineersImage by 20090430-waterwork.jpg

The Charleston area is set to receive $24.8 in federal stimulus money through public works projects from the Army Corps of Engineers.

The money is part of $4.6 billion to be spent across the country.

In all five sets of projects will be funded in the Charleston area:
$9 million for more drinking water: Using Lake Marion as a source, this project will provide eight-million gallons per day of water to area counties and cities in central South Carolina. Construction start: September 2009; Construction ends: June 2010.
$6 million for dredging of the lower Charleston Harbor. Construction start: July 2009; Construction end: December 2009.
$4 million for maintenance of South Carolina's stretch of the Intracoastal Waterway: South Carolina’s portion runs a distance of 210 miles and has in intended depth of 12 feet but is down to 6 feet in some places. Construction start: September 2009; Construction end: February 2010.
$2.9 million for 62 miles of drinking water lines to complement the prior project. Construction start: January 2010; Construction ends: May 2010.
$2.9 million for various improvements to reduce the amount of silt entering the Charleston harbor. Construction start: July 2010; Construction end: April 2010.

The Post and Courier has done a good job expanding on the what and why of the local Intracoastal Waterway dredging.

If you want to learn more about the projects, check out this press release from the Charleston District, and this gateway page for information on all the projects in the country.

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