Charleston businesses honored for workplace flexibility

If you're looking for a job in Charleston, there are six places you might want to check out first. They recently earned the Alfred P. Sloan Award for Business Excellence in Workplace Flexibility, sponsored by the When Work Works project, and who doesn't want to work somewhere flexible?

The award winners for Charleston:

- Booz Allen Hamilton
- Scientific Research Corp.
- LS3P Associates Ltd.
- Community Management Group
- KFR Services Inc.
- The Noisette Co. LLC

From the Charleston Regional Business Journal:

The "When Work Works" program is a nationwide initiative to foster effective and flexible workplaces. Charleston was selected as one of 30 communities to participate in the program, and the Innovation Division at the (Chamber of Commerce) administered the program.

Five other Charleston businesses also earned honorable mention in the contest:

- Stanley Associates Inc.
- S.C. Research Authority
- Charles Foster
- Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce
- Verizon Wireless — Charleston

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