Charleston harbor deepening funds in President Obama's budget

The President’s Budget once again includes funds to continue Charleston’s Post-45 Harbor Deepening, a project designated last year by the Administration as one of its priority infrastructure projects.

Released on April 10, the fiscal year 2014 budget includes a $1.165-million allocation to continue the considerable progress on the project’s feasibility study, now at its midpoint.

Mayor Joseph P. Riley, Jr.'s office sent out this statement yesterday:

“The news today that the President’s budget has provided funding again for the deepening of Charleston Harbor is indeed great news for the state and the Lowcountry. It certainly emphasizes the level of national importance which is placed on the deepening of Charleston harbor for the East Coast. We appreciate the President’s attention to this critical issue for our area and for our economy. This will allow us to handle the larger container ships and compete with other ports.“

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