#MYR Start-ups: Jumpoff takes crowd-funding vertical

The team behind the Myrtle Beach based Wild Creations has launched a new startup that mashes up the crowd funding and incubator models into a industry specific verticle. It's called Jumpoff. 

Projects will range from toys, games, electronics, art, music, clothing, jewelry and accessories, publishing, and charities. Jumpoff will provide a secure, reliable and user-friendly platform for creators while ultimately building a community of reviewers and supporters that will provide feedback and monetary contributions to projects. "We believe if a kid uses it, wears it, plays with it, listens to it, benefits from it or makes it, it should be on this site," stated Rhett Power, Jumpoff Co-Founder. You can read more on their news release here.

The team is no stranger to new ventures as we covered their investment in a business that was featured on the hit TV show "Shark Tank". More details are here.

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