Myrtle Beach Firm partners with Direct Air to offer flight information via text

Flickr user woohoo_megoo

Direct Air will now be able to send notifications via text message informing people about flight status, delays, cancelations, weather alerts, and more.

Who doesn't travel with a mobile phone these days? The use of text message alerts among tourism-related industries has exploded in popularity over the last few years. OIR CEO Justin Rockwell believes that the new text alert program for Myrtle Beach will enhance travelers’ flying experience and eliminate some common frustrations. “We see this new use of our text application as an excellent service to travelers and vacationers. Text marketing is the fastest and most effective way to get concise information out to many people immediately, and this is especially helpful when you are dealing with time-sensitive flight alerts.” Rockwell also notes that the new text alert program will make information about flight status more accessible for not only the passengers, but also for the friends and family members expecting them. 

In addition to broadcasting travel alerts, OIR’s application also allows Direct Air to promote destination offers to people while they are visiting Myrtle Beach. Only interested vacationers who sign up for the program will receive the texts and can opt out at any time.

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