Is the Neck back in business?

Area businesses are touting the Charleston Neck area as having returned from the dead. Many are moving to the area, looking for new clients and more space. And 'Army Wives' is even shooting there. They all say traffic has grown noticeably in the past year or so.

And, with the Magnolia Development on the way, there's sure to be even more of a revival of the Neck area.

From ABC News 4:

"I'm afraid I'm with a lot of people who never thought it would, it surprised all of us," said business owner Rob Leahy. He used to picture the neck as one of Charleston's most run down locations. Now, it will soon be home to his designer rug business. He's relocating from lower King Street looking for more space, free parking and new clientele.

"Time, just time. The city has re-paved the street here. It's absolutely changing in the past year and in the next four it will become different than King Street but a place for destination retailers," said James Dunn. He and his brothers also anticipating growth. The three just opened their piercing boutique on upper Meeting. "Once I saw what's going to go up on paper, it made me feel like oh, this is going to blow up in the next two to five years," said Dunn.

ABC has video coverage, as well.

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