Roads are a concern for all of Horry County

Tee Poole

Whether you live on a dirt road in Bucksport, commute across the hair-raising Carolina Forest Boulevard, or work on Kings Highway, most locals can agree that our roads are a problem.

Projects like the Farrow Parkway overpass and the Harrelson Boulevard reconfiguration from the airport expansion are signs of positive growth. But with the SC DOT on the financial ropes and piecemeal solutions like yet another red light getting added to 501, a lot of residents and business owners feel like we may not be prepared for any serious growth within the next 5-10 years. The Sun News has a huge write-up covering various angles of the story. Check it out.

With ever-decreasing budgets, this seems like an impossible problem to solve. The Riding On A Penny project has proven effective, but another penny doesn't seem like a feasible solution in this tax-sensitive day and age. Is there anything that can be done? 

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