S.C. Ports Authority considering 'inland' port (Update: It is)

Image by Flickr user VaDOT Rail line connecting to the Norfolk International Terminals at the Port of Virginia.

Update: The Ports Authority is indeed looking to set up a rail based inland port in Greenville area, specifically Greer.

The Charleston Regional Business Journal has the lead on the story, writing in part:

The ports authority purchased roughly 100 acres in Greer in 1982 to build an inland port, but the land wasn't developed. The inland port is expected to be roughly 40 or 50 acres. Newsome said the project's importance is similar to the importance of the new Navy base terminal and the harbor deepening project. 

Read the Journal's report on it over here.

First reporting: Most likely located near Greenville and connected by rail to Charleston's water ports, the State Ports Authority is on Monday expected to hold a special meeting about developing such a site.

The aim would be for increased competitiveness by offering more delivery options that don't require trucking.

I'll point you to The Post and Courier's report (paywall).

How time changes things: As recently as 2006 the Ports Authority was considering truck-only access to its forthcoming old Navy Base terminal.

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