The Sun News responds to Chamber criticisms (Update: Editorial staff response)

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Update December 5, 2011: In addition to the David Wren write-up that was published on Saturday, a piece that directly addresses the Chamber's meeting was also in the Opinion section.

It's a more personal response than the statement originally issued after the Chamber meeting and presentation. Read more here.

Update December 4, 2011: Many locals have been awaiting David Wren's response to this past week's volley between the Chamber and The Sun News.

On Saturday, the paper ran a lengthy article from Wren that reiterates the confusion in where public money goes when the Chamber takes it over. Read it here. It has been far and away the most commented on story that was published on The Sun News website this weekend. 

First Report: The Sun News has issued a response to the scathing public statements made on Thursday by the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce.

Pamela J. Browning, President and Publisher at The Sun News, sent us the following statement:

We stand behind our reporting.  As a professional news-gathering operation, one of our roles is to be a watchdog for residents in our communities on how their tax dollars are spent.  Our goal is to show specifically how much money the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce has received from the local option tourism sales tax, how that money was spent, and provide context from experts in tourism and marketing on those spending decisions.  To date the chamber's public reporting does not distinguish what is paid for through public versus private funds, which makes it impossible for a taxpayer to know where that money is going.  Our reporting reflects The Sun News' commitment to our readers and our communities.

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