No laughing matter: Theatre 99 gets robbed of over $2,000

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We just received a tip from our former videographer and E is For Ediot-improv man, that Theatre 99 has suffered a rash of burglaries over the past week.

The first robbery took place last week with no signs of forced entry. The management decided to keep the first break in under wraps and work through the problem themselves. Without police investigation, the best bet was that someone entered the theater by using the handicapped entrance and made their way up by use of the elevator.

Unfortunately, one heist wasn't enough for this thief. The robber struck again just days after the first robbery and now Theatre 99 isn't laughing one little bit over the missing $2,000.

So if you want to pitch in and help out Theatre 99 (while helping yourself to a few laughs) remember that their upcoming Improv-A-Thon is this weekend and features two nights of of live comedy with some the most talented comedians around town.

You can take a look at the schedule of performances in our earlier posting on the event. Get your tickets online or call Theatre 99 at (843) 853-6687.

Theatre 99 is located at 280 Meeting Street (above The Bicycle Shoppe), downtown.

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