After tossing chair through window, police officer fired (update: North Charleston promises follow up)

Image by Flickr user massdistraction Not the phone in question, but you get the idea.

Update March 1: In the wake of the recent string of incidents, North Charleston Police Chief Jon Zumalt is promising an investigation.

The Post and Courier has a lengthy report on what you need to know about the promise and the incidents; read it here.

First reporting February 28: 38-year-old North Charleston police officer James Benedict Wagner has lost his job after allegedly throwing a chair through a West Ashley T-Mobile cell phone store's window last week.

Apparently Wagner had come from a nearby bar and become incensed after the store said they could not fix his broken cell phone.

Multiple briefs abound, but The Post and Courier's seems best — and they're the only to note that this is the fourth incident in the last six months that's involved a North Charleston officer that has been drinking; read their report here.

Expect an update on this in the morning.

He has been cited for damage to property and public disorderly conduct.


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