The case for a poker game heard by S.C. Supreme Court (update: twist)

Image by Flickr user Kevin Labianco

First reporting, updates at the bottom: It's been years and years since the Mount Pleasant Five set off a pivotal battle in South Carolina about whether Texas Hold 'Em poker is a game of skill or chance.

Well that battle is due to reach its apex on Tuesday when its slated to be heard by the South Carolina Supreme Court and a ruling comes in some months.

Now if you're familiar with the case this is simply a "stay tuned for more details" note, if you're new to the story The Post and Courier has a good report that will bring you up to speed.

Update October 20: The state's high court has heard the case and, according to reports, in a surprise twist, the state's prosecuters conceeded a point about small, casual games at poker being OK and instead contested that the Five were running not a friendly game of poker at home, but a small-scale poker house.

The Associated Press and The Post and Courier both have sold reports.

A ruling from the court is not expected for some time.