$75,000 bail set in drug and gun case

Image by Flickr user davidsonscott15

Bail was set on Thursday for Antonio Carlos Curnell, 25, who was arrested for drug and gun charges after being stopped for a broken brake light.

A little before 1 a.m. Wednesday morning, a North Charleston police officer attempted to stop Curnell for having a faulty brake light. However, Curnell didn't stop for several blocks. When he did finally stop after turning onto Ozark Street, he got out of his car and ran.

The officer found a stolen .38-caliber handgun in Curnell's abandoned car, and other officers caught Curnell after a brief chase. Also found on Curnell and in his car? Crack cocaine and Ecstasy pills.

Curnell, of Summerville, is charged with possession of crack cocaine, possession of MDMA, and possessino of a stolen handgun.

Get more on the story by checking out the Post and Courier's write-up.

And, as a side note--isn't it interesting that only earlier this week, I reported on a broken tag light leading to a gun arrest? Seems as though Charleston's more criminal-minded need to keep their vehicles in better condition.

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