Arson fears rekindled in Charleston following downtown blazes

Image by FirefighterEast Along with the Rutledge Avenue fire a community's confidence was further charred.

The end-of-June fires on Rutledge Avenue have sparked back to life fears of life-altering home fires for many downtown Charleston residents. 

A staggering list of more than 50 suspected arson incidents have occurred around the Cannonborough area since 2003. 

Last week, The Post and Courier published a robust update on the investigation as well as a discussion about what firefighters are doing to help area residents protect themselves from becoming victims of opportunity (hint: take your couches and other fluffy items inside), and the paper also compiled a map that shows 50 suspected blazes.

And the paper has now published another report about the community's concerns and how some are seeing the suspected-arsonist's work as an assault on Charleston's love of sideporches.

The paper also details the latest efforts to track down those responsible.

Take a read of the report here.

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