Collecton County crime sweep takes alleged gang members off the streets (update: more suspects surrender)

Update July 9:

Two more suspected gang members, Derrick Corey Eleazor, 27, and Courtney "C-Lo" Singleton, 19, have surrendered to authorities bumping the number of arrests up to 19 in total since the initial sweep on June 30th.

The Post and Courier has the update.

First reporting:

After a five month-investigation, Wednesday saw more than 130 law enforcement agents hit the streets to serve up 20 indictments on 65 gang-related charges in Colleton County.

The targets were members of the Dooley Hill Gang and the Sandhill Gang whose criminal charges range from murder, criminal conspiracy, assault and battery with intent to kill to perjury and arson.

Authorities are still searching for five of the suspects: Laron Bennett, 23, Derrick Eleazor, 27, Quinton John Fishburne, 29, Courtney Singleton, 19, and Terrance White, 26. These men are wanted in connection to a shooting that occurred in November of 2009.

Live News 5 has solid coverage of the sweep as well as a video.

For list of suspects indicted, along with their charges, check out this press release.


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