Deborah Kessler disappeared three weeks ago in Summerville (updated)

Update December 22: An as-of-yet unidentified woman has been found in a ditch near Summerville. Authorities would not comment on if it was Kessler's body.

The Post and Courier has more details.

We'll keep you posted.

First reporting: Deborah Kessler, 30, disappeared in Summerville three weeks ago, and no one seems to know what happened to her.

NBC News 2 reports, in part:
Later that day her boyfriend filed a missing person’s report saying Deborah walked to a friend’s house in Knightsville at five a.m. to get money, but wasn’t seen after that.

But Kessler's mom, also in Summerville, doesn't buy that story.

Kessler's hair and eyes are brown and was last seen "wearing blue jeans, a black hooded sweatshirt and a green jacket."

Get the story at NBC News 2.

If you have any tips, call Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office, (843) 832-0300.

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