Father claims police brutality in son's arrest

A father in North Charleston is angry with police over the arrest of his son last week, saying officers used excessive force in apprehending him. The son, Clarence Logan Jr., has been charged on eight counts, and police say he punched two officers and ran before being caught at his father's home. The father, Clarence Logan Sr., however, says police went too far.

From ABC News 4:

"While he was cuffed there were constantly kicking on him and beating on him, one had his hand around his neck and the other was boxing him," said Clarence Logan Sr.


"I know he's swelled up real bad, his neck is swelled up and he has a broken jaw," Logan Sr. said.

He believes the attack could be racially motivated, he says he's outraged at the officer's conduct.

"You are trained as a professional to handle cases like this. It shouldn't go to the point where you're beating and kicking someone in handcuffs," he said.

The Logan family is reportedly considering suing the city over the incident.

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