A friendly reminder: Muggings do happen in the 'good' parts of Charleston

Muggings aren't common in Charleston. In fact they're often debated as to whether or not they should be covered, a testament to how infrequent they are.

Nonetheless most of us locals know the unofficial rule: Take caution when walking through the areas north of Cannon Street during the late night hours, particularly if alone or you've been drinking. 

But here's a little reminder that before you stuff all your money and electronics into your pants and head out for a drink, muggings do happen in other parts of town, even if they do so with less frequency.

We received this e-mail:

I just wanted to give you all a head's up. One of my friends and her brother were mugged last night around 11pm downtown. They left Basil and walked down Ann to the parking garage and were confronted by two guys with switch blades. They were in front of the elevator to the garage. They're okay but i just want you guys to know so you'll be more cautious. 

Just something to keep in mind.

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