Heather Kamp pleads guilty in brutal Kate Waring murder; But kept as variable in Mack case

Image by Flickr user bloomsberries

After testifying at length against fellow suspect Ethan Mack in the case of the brutal June 2009 torture and slaying of Kate Waring, it doesn't come as much surprise that Heather Kamp pled guilty.

(If you weren't following that first trial of Mack, head here. But as a short refresher: Kamp had a plea deal that would have capped her at a 45-year manslaughter count, but the prosecution voided it as Kamp's story kept changing. Mack is currently awaiting a late April retrial after the jury deadlocked in that case.)

However, the interesting twist here is that sentencing has been pushed back in the hopes of persuading Kamp to once again testify again Mack.

The Post and Courier has a nice rundown of the latest turn of events; read the report here.

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