Lowcountry Lab Rescue helps two dogs from a questionable shelter

Image by Flickr user joeduty

A local animal rescue group, Lowcountry Lab Rescue, has stepped up to help two dogs that came from a seemingly-unethical Chesterfield County shelter.

It was said that at the Chesterfield County shetler, animal-control officers shot dogs and buried them in a landfill. The shelter was shut down on March 6th after these accusations were brought to light.

Both of the dogs that Lowcountry Lab Rescue aided were said to be in bad health and skinny. In fact, Sunshine, a middle-aged yellow Labrador staying with Scott Fulton of Mount Pleasant, had to have emergency surgery to treat a uteral infection.

The other dog is a black lab named Dixie, who's staying with a Summerville family.

Find out more about the dogs' health and the future of this case at the Post and Courier.

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