Man believed to have shot and killed estranged wife captured in Alabama (updated x2)

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Updates at the bottom:

A man accused of shooting fatally shooting a woman in the parking lot of Summerville's 1700 Trolley Road Perkins parking lot was captured on Sunday morning in Alabama.

The shooter, Randal William Benton, fired multiple rounds into Treva Dawn Benton around 11 p.m. on Saturday night. Concrete details about the relationship are fuzzy, but it is believed that the pair were married but separated.

The Post and Courier has the story, but ask that anyone with further information contact Summerville police at (843) 875-1650.

Update November 1, 12:28 p.m.:

Witnesses have come forward and are helping to piece together the grizzly scene that took place between shooter Randal William Benton and victim Treva Dawn Benton.

According to witnesses, the two were seen arguing inside of a SUV in the Perkins parking around 11 p.m., and shortly after, Randal Benton fired up to eight shots at Treva Benton. The suspect continued to shoot at the victim after she collapsed to the ground and attempted to crawl away. The suspect then pointed the gun at witnesses and told them "You better get inside now."

The Post and Courier has the report with updated information. We'll continue to watch this story as details more details become available.

Update November 1, 2:33 p.m.:

Live 5 News has posted the recording the chaotic 911 call placed shortly after Saturday night's fatal shooting.


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