Man on 'watch list' charged in murder of youth; Crime reform called for

Rafael Sinclair Horlbeck, 22, and his brother, Leon Willis Horlbeck, 32, have been charged in the early-July slaying of 15-year-old Jermel Tyler Brown.

Read more stories on this subject in our crime topic page. While Leon's criminal record is lengthy, it is outshone by Rafael's, which was potent enough that two years the state added him to the "watch list" of frequent offenders.

The Post and Courier has a full write-up on the charges and the outrage over the youth's death.

But Brown's death comes just days after the tragic death of two people killed in a car collision as suspects fled police -- in that incident a man with a lengthy rap sheet was also pointed to.

And so local communities and leaders are hopeful that the outrage will force the state to act in creating tough violent crime laws.

The Post and Courier's Ken Burger has written a nice column that expresses outrage over out politicians' inability to do more than pay lip service to such reform.

And with a cash-strapped crime system it seems improbable to expect tougher laws any time soon. But Burger points out so many violent acts that maybe this time there will be enough political outrage to get some action.

Here's contact info for your South Carolina representative.

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