North Charleston police officer charged with DUI while driving cruiser (update: more details)

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Update February 4, radio and wait: Another update from The Post and Courier.

This one reveals the radio transmission between Lomma and dispatch and Lomma's frustration at having to wait four hours for a city towing vehicle.

Read the update here.

Update February 2, video: Yes, once again The Post and Courier has an update with more details.

Included this time are an improper discharge of Lomma's gun and multiple activations of his cruiser's blue lights and the subsequent manual deactivation of a video camera that comes on when the lights are triggered.

Read the update here.

Update February 1, evening: The Post and Courier has been on top of this one and has filed yet another update.

Seems Lomma was an otherwise fine young officer that screwed up bad and got canned for it; read the paper's report here.


Update February 1: As expect The Post and Courier has filed another report with more details on how the night unfolded, but few on just why Officer Lomma was driving out in that area in the first place.

Take a read of the update here.

Afternoon update: The Post and Courier has an update with some more details about how long it took for the accident to be reported (some six hours) and how the cruiser was in a ditch. 

Read their update here.

The paper is promising another update, which will likely come tomorrow morning. 

First reporting: 25-year-old North Charleston Police Officer Nick Lomma was arrested Saturday morning following an accident involving his police cruiser in Colleton County.

S.C. Highway Patrol officers arrested him under charges of a DUI.

Details are still scarce and the North Charleston Police Department is still preparing its public response. For the time being I'll point you to the brief at NBC News 2.

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